CNC Milling


My CNC Mill

A simple, crude but usable Z axis mount

Note that motor is twisted slightly relative to the column to make the geometry work.

The Z axis mount from the top


Update: I have added the extended Y axis and put the ballscrew on the Z axis.

The dial indicator is set up to measure movement in the base and column assembly. Pulling on the top of the column (avoiding the head) causes about .003" of motion. Pulling really hard gets .005". I have replaced the M8x25 screws with grade 12.9 bolts, which I think helps. The gas strut needed an extension to accommodate the tilting axis. this works just fine.
Here's the Z axis ballscrew mount. This made a BIG difference, a ballscrew is way better than the original mechanism. More accurate, and much less force required.

It does need to be stiffened, that mounting plate flexes. Mostly because I had to drill out the holes by way too much.

More of that Z axis.
And the Z axis from the other side. A few parts I used from McMaster:

Plus, 20mm skateboard bearings; A machining vise from Penn Tool (invaluable). Replaced a bunch of screws with better ones.


The other block I made from aluminum, making a bearing pocket  with a cheap rotary table. This caused enormous chatter, the mill moving around. but I did get it done.



Little Machine Shop - Parts for the micromill and minilathe, and many useful odds and ends.

Enco - Most things; google for free shipping for $50 coupon.

Online Metals - raw materials in small quantities

800watt on eBay - A low-cost seller with many, many useful tools.

Discount Machine Shop eBay seller with more stuff