Monster Bash Plastic Protectors

The Pinbits plastic protectors for Monster Bash provide full underside protection from screwheads and ball guides, and edge protection against airballs.

Our challenge with the scoop protector was to avoid raising the height of the plastic. There's not enough clearance, especially if you have a new, taller pop bumper in place. Here's how the light wiring comes through the protector.
Our design surrounds the pop bumper cap and is held in by the plastic. This picture shows the protector alone on top of the pop bumper cap. And the complete assembly.
A natural light view of the protector And a flash version.
The left slingshot. The protector extends under the full plastic. The spacers fit through it to ease installation. We have a tiny lip to protect the slingshot edge against random drops.
The Dracula target protector. The right tree limb protector.
Dracula protector by flash. The Creature protector.
And another view of the right tree limb plastic protector.