Shaker Motor Installation

Installing the shaker mechanism is a generic task that works across many machines. The main thing is finding a place for it where the wiring works well. The shaker motor has enough power that we don't have to worry too much about position.

There are two likely candidates for the location for a shaker motor in WPC-95 machines. Use this location if you do not plan to install a larger speaker. In this machine, the motor is installed where  the cabinet cheat sheet goes.
For earlier machines, the motor has to go between the cashbox divider and the transformer brace. If you wish, you could try 1/2" #10 woodscrews to the brace. Make sure that you have room to install the covers. You'll need 1/2" clearance.  
Here's the template (yours may be clear, and stiff enough to hold in place with a screw). Set it in the cabinet and make sure that it is square and clear of obstructions. You can put the motor on it to check for clearance. Here's a box under the playfield to catch debris.
First,, we drill four pilot holes from  the top. Use a small drill bit. Then we follow up with four 1/4" holes for the tee nuts.
Place the tee nuts in the hole. Pound them in with a hammer. Don't try to jack them in with a screwdriver. The cabinet wood is too hard, and you will bend the prongs and damage the threads. Screw the motor in. Make it snug, don't overtighten.
Finally, install the covers. Clip them on the bottom screws first, then lever the top flaps with a screwdriver. They are a tight fit. You can lock them in place with the black push rivets if you like, but this is probably unnecessary. They are hard to remove: you will need to lever the flaps out with a screwdriver, so don't put them in until you are done.  


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