The New Pinball Store - Pinbits - upgrades, parts, odds and ends

The old Pinball Store (now closed) - upgrades, parts, odds and ends

The Machines

The Medieval Madness Pinball Machine

The Monster Bash Pinball Machine
     -  its Road to Recovery and the finished machine.

The Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Dog and Pinball

Pictures of the Sold-Off Wizard

Cirqus Voltaire (and fixing the sound levels)

Judge Dredd


The Pizza Depot Funhouse

Mystery Funhouse


Some BK2000 pictures

CA Extreme 2006

CA Extreme 2008

Big Bang Bar

Finding Pinball Machines

Pinballs for sale on Craig's List

This is where I got my TZ. Drove over, paid cash and picked it up. Great machine - but I still put about $400 into it, replacing the balls, fixing the clock and tuning it up.

eBay: Addams Family
eBay: Theatre of Magic
eBay: Twilight Zone
eBay Medieval Madness
eBay Cirqus Voltaire
eBay Monster Bash
eBay Creature



Other Twilight Zone Pinball Pages

Will Irace has a ton of detailed pictures of his machine as he rebuilt it.

Jonathan Deitch's fixup page

Twilight Zone Owner's List




Useful Links

Marvin's Pinball Fixit Guides

A detailed and useful how to.

Other Interesting Pages

Kevin Keinert's page

Don Weingarden's Judge Dredd
Dead World mod.




Projects and Stuff

Spiderman Dress Kit

Pinballs and Finishes

Lord of the Rings PotD Exit

Shaker Motor Install AfM

IDC Connectors

AfM Saucer parts

LED Ghosting

The T2 Ship Protector

Fixing ST:TNG Lenses

Twilight Zone Fluorescent Blue Clock Lenses

AfM LED Spacer

Lampshade Work

Pinbits Corvette Plastic Protectors

Pinbits Lord of the Rings Plastic Protectors

Pinbits Spiderman Plastic Protectors

Pinbits Monster Bash Plastic Protectors

Fixing the BBB Tube Dancer Base

Simple WPC-95 Diode Fix

Fixing A Ball Trough

Clearcoats and Inserts

Custom MM Gear

Mini Mars Light Gear Test

Speaker Response

The Shaker Motor Project

Guns'n'Roses Magnet Board

Pinbot Guards

Banzai Run Guards

The Big Bang Bar Page

ST:TNG Outlanes

Fixing the AFM Strobe

Odds and Ends

Medieval Madness Troll Eyes

Attack from Mars Saucer Repair Plate

Twilight Zone Switch 26 - The Eddy Board

The CV Eddy Fix

The IJ Protector Project

Fixing a Headless Screw

Fixing a Cabinet Hole

The JD Crane

 Soldered Deadworld Mod

MM Merlin Hole Upgrade

Funhouse Plastic Guards

Funhouse mirror bracket

Cirqus Voltaire Ringmaster Protector

Rivet clips - no press needed

Creature Scoops

TSPP Hole Protector

Whirlwind plastic guards

The Ball Blocker

Pop Bumper Template

Cliffy Black Line Protector on MB

Backbox Text

Tech Charts

Installing an MB Lagoon

The Gumball Lamp Board

Installing the Gumball Lamp Board

TZ Third Magnet Stuff

Opto Tester

Judge Dredd Deadworld Mod

Creature Shroud Kit

Plastics and Guards

Plastics Notes

Remote Battery Holder

Instruction Cards

Capcom Trough Board

Rebuilding the MB Dracbox

Funhouse Plunger Plastics

The Harbor Freight Cart

The MM Castle Pin

The WPC Microswitch

444 and 555 Bulbs

Medieval Madness Speaker Upgrade

New Nylon Posts
Nylon spacer pics

Speakers; flipper spring plates; whatever.

The WPC Sound Trapper

The Clock Project

TZ Backbox Pictures

Diagnosing the WPC transformer

The WPC Transformer


Playfield Mockup

Acrylic work

IPB parts




Kevin's Pinball Links

This page lists a bunch of pinball sites. Kevin says that some are useful, some not - and proceed at your own risk.

These are suppliers that I have used. Generic pinball stuff is cheap, but it sure adds up. Machine-specific stuff is expensive.

Bay Area Amusements and their Twilight Zone parts page.; Medieval Madness;
Monster Bash;
Cirqus Voltaire

Best overall, good prices and local to me. Quick to ship so the stuff gets to me within about two days of the order. Also, open for pickup which is handy on glass.

Marco Pinball

Has some odds and ends that Bay Area Amusement doesn't have. Usually a little more expensive.

Pinball Resource

Way more parts from pinball machines, and unbeatable prices. But not so easy to find stuff because the web site is pretty basic. Easy to deal with via email, especially if you have a part number.

Pinball Pro

I bought their speaker set. The sound is great, but I have rattle work to do, around the DMD. The glass seems OK so far. Looking for materials. They also have a bunch of mods for the TZ. Not so sure about these yet.

Pinball Life

Inexpensive and friendly source for bulbs and other assorted parts. They even had the oddball red post for my Wizard, which I have been looking for for months.,

Happ Controls

Has the Twilight Zone sensitive optos QVE11233.0086 for $2 each. Best price I have found.

The Pinball Lizard clock page - they have redesigned the TZ clock board; they also have new proximity switches, and flipper opto boards (which are inexpensive). My rebuilt clock seems fine right now, so I am going to pass on this one. Things may change...