History and Worklog

Built 1993

In service to approximately 1999

Fully shopped in 1999 for private sale for $2750 by For Entertainment Only

Purchased in 2004 as is after 5 years in a home.



Already has:

1)Additional mylar playfield covers

2) Reinforced slot machine target bracket


Known defects

Small scratches on the translite

Dirt in playfield clearcoat at ball entry

Lock bar hole replaced with black bolt

Expected damage to cabinet finish under legs

Light ball track wear on metal outhole cover.

Light ball track in spiral under rear plastics






1)      Left outlane light not functional, broken solder joint repaired on underside of the board.

2)      Clock losing time when off. Battery holder has corrosion. Contacts scraped. NiMH batteries replaced with dry cells.

3)      Front lock bar too tight. One brass lock screw corroded. Loosened screws.

4)      Replaced dirty or dull lightbulbs

5)      Realigned robot ball kicker

6)      Replaced all rubbers

7)      Replaced steel balls

8)      Replaced clock millions target with reinforced version

9)      Replace slot machine target with reinforced version

10)  Replace all lightbulbs behind translite.

11)  Replaced original wedge flasher sockets with bayonet sockets and 455 flasher bulbs

12)  Replaced pop bumper caps

13)  Upgraded to 9.4H

14)  Rebuilt clock housing

15)  Rebuilt clock gear train, mostly new gears. Teflon dry lube.

16)  Replaced clock lamps with white LEDs  and resistors

17)  Add plastics protector set slingshots, clock/piano, slot machine

18)   Replaced broken extra ball button microswitch retaining mechanism

19)  Checked gumball popper for cracks on bracket fixed loose mounting screws with bamboo

20)  New powerball

21)  Gumball Geneva switch fixed

22)  Replaced diverter hinge pin old was somewhat worn

23)   Replaced left outlane divider cover: 03-8318-16 Double light hood, yellow