Instruction Cards


This MM instruction card was designed to be as near to original as possible - what I call an "overlay" copy. It is really, really close and looks very nice when printed on 65lb card stock.The best match that I could find used a font called Raavi at 7.5 points. I set up for 3 points of space ahead of each paragraph. The card is 6 inches by 3.25 inches. There is a 0.2 inch border on the top and right, and a 0.3 inch border in the left. The title is in 8.5 point Raavi font.

To print, I use 65 pound white cover card stock.

Medieval Madness Instruction Card

These are less accurate, but still very close.
Creature from the Black Lagoon Instruction Card
Monster Bash Instruction Card
Terminator 2 Instruction Card
Cirqus Voltaire Instruction Card
Attack from Mars Instruction Card
The Addams Family Instruction Card

3 balls per game and 3 up version
5 balls per game


Here's a source of many instruction cards, customized and original style, and in many formats. Most are scanned, but Word copies are showing up. The Word copies are way better.