AFM Saucer Repair Plate

Attack from Mars has a UFO saucer that is shaken as an effect. Unfortunately, the shaker system is based on a plunger striking a metal tab, which breaks. This plate provides a quick repair.

This plate is designed to sit on top of an AFM saucer plate with a broken tab. It is made from heavy 1/16" thick stainless steel. This is the first prototype run.

Here are the two styles of plate. The current version only works with the staked plate (left, shown with PCB). The cutout is not big enough for the tabs on the welded plate. I'll fix that if I do a second run. The material is so very hard that I don't recommend trying to expand the holes, although it is possible.
Here's the plate in a working saucer; the first step is to line it up with the holes. For a broken saucer, the tab would not interfere. Note how the top mounts have just enough clearance through the plate. The four thick nylon washers make a little clearance for the PCB. The fiberboard spacer causes the PCB to warp quite badly without these. As we want the screws to be tight, the spacers will keep the warping to a minimum. The plate will come with washers.
Here's the final assembly, before the top of the saucer goes on. Tighten the four mounting screws hand tight plus 1/4 - 1/2 a turn as they carry the shock load between the plates. The PCB material is sufficiently strong to carry the load, but we don't want it coming loose. A couple of high-res images of the AFM saucer PCB for those who are interested.