Cleaning the Playfield Harness


I cleaned most of the removable harnesses from My creature. Lots of brown dirt on every surface inside this machine, a sand and complete repaint of the wood fixes a lot of that. But the boards and cables still carry dirt. Most of it is easily removed with a powerful degreaser and hot water, but the playfield harness is a problem. Here's my solution.




Here's the playfield in the tub/shower. It is wrapped in mover's film. The playfield is sitting on a piece of wood across the tub, and has a bungee tied to the shower rail to hold it in place. It is quite stable, don't knock the wood! Here are the harness "tails", film all around so that I can get as far up them as possible. The dirt in the tub is from just those few inches.
Now we are into the big  dirt. These two cleaners are serious stuff. One is Johnson Wax Cleaner and Degreaser (Lowe's). The other is "Greased Lightning" (Home Depot). These products have a bathroom smell - urine and soap - but rip dirt and grease right off. I use a paintbrush to make sure I get everything. You really want to wear rubber gloves. All done, hanging up to dry. I think that I would use this method rather than a dishwasher.


Blow the water out of the connectors to avoid corrosion.

The boards also got cleaned in the bathtub, here's the "after" picture. The inside of the refinished backbox. Sanded and completely repainted with Rustoleum Satin Black. I used the degreaser to clean the sheet metal, ripped the FBI warning text right off of the paper!
And here are a couple of "befores". Note the brown stain on the grill.