Creature Reassembly Notes


Get the whole playfield assembled, without the ramps; rear left plastic; ramp diverter. This is a good time to put the bowl and apron in. Watch out for all the hex spacers:

Two short ones, #6 each end - bowl lights

This is also a good time to do a final waxing on the orbit. After you put the first ramp in, you won't be back there for a while.

First, the lower ramp goes in, followed by the ramp diverter. One of the diverter screws is under the rear left plastic, it requires a bit of finessing to get it all right.

When you have the ramp and the two rails in place, play the machine a bit. make sure that all the shots are fast. One thing to watch for is the slide rail exit: there is a ball deflector there that the ball may hit on the edge. Bad for the ball, and expensive on momentum. Tilt it up for the best angle.

Another place to tune the machine is the cover plastic that runs at the back of the ramp, under the ramp diverter. The ball hits this on the way round and loses speed. Raise it on some spacers to get the speed back.

Next, the middle ramp. Nothing hard here.
And finally, the curly ramp. It sits on that stainless steel bracket at the left hand edge of the playfield. Do a trial run first, before you put all the screws in. It's quick.