Creature Shroud and Lamp Shields

This kit includes the lagoon shield, and the movie flasher lamp shields. The parts are the same material as original, black  natural fiber board. The originals usually have broken feet.

The feet are pre-scored. The shroud is cut to allow a little less light to escape than the originals. You only need three lamp shields, the kit includes one extra.

The price is $20 shipped, US Priority Mail. Additional kits in the same shipment are $16. Overseas buyers, please contact me.

Creature Shroud and Shield Kit $20 including shipping

Projector Kit

This kit includes a refurbished holder with the Creature projector connector; an 8 degree halogen bulb; two spacers and HWH slotted screws. It can really brighten up a hologram! The price is $20 if shipped with the shroud.

Creature shroud, shield and projector lamp kit $40 including shipping

Additional projectors add $20.

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Finally, I have some screws that might be of interest. Supplies are limited, meaning it might add a couple of days to shipping if I run out. Pricing is $1.00 for 5 with other orders.

First, truss head screws. These screws have large, low-profile heads and are great replacements for the washerhead screws in older WPC machines. The original screws may  have wrecked threads and ripped-up heads.  They are used to hold post rubbers on, amongst other things. I have these in #6 1/4" and 1/2", and #8 1/4" and 1/2". The 1/2" screws fit most places; occasionally, I have used a 1/4" screw. Here's a picture of trusshead screws on a ramp entrance.
Next, HWH unslotted screws, replacements for those used under the playfield.. I have four sizes. #6 is used in older WPC machines, #8 in newer ones. Thicker devices (flipper plates; solenoids etc) use 1/2-inch screws.

Thinner parts (lamp brackets; thin mounting brackets like lamps; shrouds) use 7/16" screws, 3/8" is as close as I could get. Putting a half inch screw into this application will punch a hole through the playfield surface.