Drilling and the Template


Here's step 0. Check your Forstner bit against the circle marked on the template. If it isn't really close to the same size - it is not a 3/4" bit. You might be using a 20mm, in which case it will be close. A 20mm bit will give you a little more clearance than the 3/4" bit, which is a nice tight fit.

Let's start with a practice run. Screw the template to a piece of scrap wood using 3 #6x1/2 screws..

Drill a 1/8" hole through the template and the wood. Drill fast and push only lightly. this will minimize splintering as you pass through the other surface. Remove the template, and drill most of the way through with the Forstner bit. Don't go all the way through, stop anytime after half way, don't go more than 3/4 of the way.
Flip the wood, and drill from the other side. Be careful to align with the hole. You will not be dead on, and you will get a little ridge where the holes meet. This does not matter. Once the hole is joined, take the bit lightly through to the other side to straighten the sides of the hole. Put the template back on, and compare the alignment. My hole ended about 0.03" low. The magnet mounting holes will accommodate this.
Screw the magnet bracket on and insert the pole piece. Here's the pole in the wood. Nice and flush all around. this is how we want the playfield to look.

If yours looks like this... carry on. If not, practice or find a wood-handy friend who can help.

Now, we get serious. Attach the template to the playfield at the dimples. I used three screws, but you could use fewer. Next remove the template and screws, and flatten out the expelled wood with a chisel.
Now the tricky part. Drill a 1/8" hole through the wood at the circle. This hole must be perpendicular to the playfield. Have a friend watch you from the side, and use a small square object to help. Drill about half way through. Remove the bit from the drill, and stick it in the hole. make sure that it all looks square. If it doesn't, no harm done, find that handy woodworking friend to help you out. If it does, drill all the way through. Go fast and light at the end.
  Here are the holes, all set and ready to go.
There's our pilot from the top. In the third ring, and a shade to the left of the ball trail. The magnet will hold the ball just clear of the ball guide. This is the correct location - things are looking good.

Whoever thought that a ball trail would be useful???

Here's a nice picture of the pilot hole. If your hole is not in this general area - back to that woodworky friend, please!

Now you are ready to drill the big hole. No need to do it right away. You'll be stripping the playfield to do the ball guide holes anyway.