The Finished Monster Bash (well, almost)

Here is the underside of the playfield. It has been sanded and clearcoated to keep the muck out. Every part has been tumbled, been through the ultrasonics, washed or a combination thereof. All the mechanisms were disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. Dracula's gearbox was cleaned and relubricated.

The inside was sanded and sealed. Note the 8" speaker and new speaker plate.  Take a look at the cabinet inside. All rebraided, this machine was stripped to bare wood everywhere except for the playfield ink, the backbox lettering, and a few labels.. 

Here's the machine in the dark. Best exposure I could get.
Under playfield detail.
Playfield White rubbers and yellow post rubbers. I am determined to figure out where the dirt comes from. A clue: my clearcoated playfield, after a few games, has little smears on it. These wipe right off. The only thing that they can be is RUBBER!
Dracula at home. All the ball guides were regrained and refinished. No more ball marks. One day, I may try putting on  a high polish.
Blue flipper rubbers, Ray Johnson at Action Pinball. The dreaded kickout hole. Epoxy + clearcoat+ protector + Cliffy in reserve!
Nice reflections in the clearcoat. Thanks to Playfield Renovations. Here's my new speaker. By the way, all the characters - except Dracula - are original. Dracula was splitting in the back so I put in a substitute.
The backbox electronics. All finished in satin black - including the parts that you cannot see. The (out of focus) new speaker hole. Tony Dziedzic's help here.