Fixing the BBB Tube Dancer Base

We had a request for help on a broken BBB tube dancer. It seems that the original adhesive bond between the tube and the diamond-shaped base was inadequate, and had cracked in shipment. The base has a thin border, and depends on a complete bond with the tube for strength, so it broke into several pieces.

We made replacement plates, and I tested them with a piece of store-bought 2" tube. You could replace the entire tube if you drilled the back; we can make replacement caps. Ambroid is capable of creating optically clear joints. I messed mine up by twisting too soon, which left me with bubbles in the joint. Don't forget to line up  the locking pin! And make sure that the plate is on the right way around (I think that mine is incorrect).

My tube also had a bunch of saw chips in it. Some sanding and smoothing, and maybe even a quick flame polish, could help with that.

By the way, I believe that the Ambroid joint will be significantly stronger than a Superglue or epoxy joint.


Here's the Tube Dancer with the dress kit on. You can see the two base plates. The upper plate is bonded to the ring; there is a 1.75" hole so that the tube Dancer can be removed, Here are the replacement plates that we made. We cut them both to guarantee that the shapes match exactly.
First, the tube end must be cut flat. The Ambroid runs into the joint through capillary action and it requires a good fit. Ambroid doesn't mark up the plastic too badly, but be careful with it. Plastic superglue is messier. Next, hold the tube and base together with a couple of pieces of masking tape. Put two touches of Ambroid in the gap between the ring and tube to hold it in place. Stand it up with a weight on top and let it sit for about 10 minutes. There's the opportunity for a little movement to get everything perfect, the Ambroid takes a few seconds to soften the material.
Now, run the Ambroid brush around the inside of the ring. You should see the Ambroid wick into the gap. If it only goes partway through, repeat from the outside. Let it set overnight, again with the weight on top. If there are any gaps left, you can fill them with a plastic superglue. here's the final assembly sitting on the base. I am pretty sure that I made this backwards!
A few proto tubes. We are having trouble with the attach between the top disks. Bubbles and smears.