The HP Mediasmart Server EX470 / EX475

This is a handy little device, about the size of a toaster, that does a good job of managing backups, and has a media server.

The power supply is a hipro 200w supply u200ef3. This unit is compatible with some Shuttle PCs, so a Shuttle replacement might be good. Here's a replacement store, but they don't sound too thrilled about this product.

Mine's fully loaded (HDD + RAM + BE2300 processor) and has started complaining about low voltages. Throw in some mystery restarts, and I am thinking about a new PSU.

Here's the motherboard, from the top.

Here's the power supply.


Some busy processes. I can use process Explorer to suspend these. Much tidier than shutting them off with Task manager.

AVTRAN~1.exe - Arcsoft video transcoder that runs at low priority, but keeps things busy. I am hoping that this process will settle down - it makes  the system run hard.



Other processors

qsm.exe - the storage manager for the filestore.