Judge Dredd Deadworld Mod

My friend Lou asked me if the switch matrix opto might be used to make the Judge Dredd Deadworld mod work without having to hack up the opto board. The Deadworld mod requires that an opto be moved from switch 67 on the opto board to switch 32 on the switch matrix. I made it, he wired it in and tested it, and it works. So I made the disks.

Here's the modified disk laid over the original disk. Everything lines up perfectly.  
Here are the two disks side by side. The modified disk has the closed holes that carry the balls around. The original disk has some geometry problems that I corrected in the CAD file.  
Here's the edge quality of the disks. The new disk is on top.  
Here's an indication of what the electronics will look like. Not sure how the board will be packaged.  You see a backing plate here, heatshrink is another option. .

The green wire has to go to column 3, green-orange on the switch matrix. And the white wire has to go to row 2, white-red on the switch matrix.

This kit is pretty simple. The only pieces are the disk; the board and harness; and the L-1 ROM.

I am still in prototype on this one, but it is now obsoleted by the ROM-only mod. Don Weingarden built a board system that required no soldering, but this is also no longer available as the ROM mod is so much easier. You can take a look at his work here.