Kit Contents

Here's the bulk of the kit. Not shown are the long screws for holding the magnet bracket to the playfield, and the double-sided sticky foam for mounting the coil to the bracket. You will also get one 6x3/8" screw for mounting the template for drilling.
Here are the opto components, the receiver and the transmitter.
A close-up of the opto parts. The mounts are taller than the standard Williams optos, as they will be mounted directly to the playfield. These mounts are fabricated from acrylic plastic, which is fine for this application. It is very strong, unless you overtighten something.
This is a custom switch matrix opto. It connects to a standard Williams opto receiver, and allows it to directly drive the switch matrix. No opto board required. The first application for this one will be the Deadworld mod for Judge Dredd.