Medieval Madness Speakers


Using Tony Dziedzic's guide, I upgraded my Medieval Madness speakers. I made a particle board frame to replace the 3.5" plastic carrer in the backbox, and installed two 4 ohm car speakers in series.


In the cabinet, I used a Peerless 8 inch woofer because it is one of the only ones that will fit! Here's a picture showing how close it comes to the troll brackets.

There are grommets on the bottom of the troll bracket, and I have not yet installed the speaker grill. Nor is the cutout enlarged, but I'll get to all that when I have the playfield repaired and clearcoated.

Here's a link to the woofer that I used:

Peerless 8" Woofer

It is inexpensive and sounds great; key is the low mounting height! Unfortunately, it is out of stock right now.