MM Merlin Hole Upgrade Prototype

Merlin has two problems. One is that his hole gets chewed up. Putting a protector inside the hole helps a bit, but the ball then likes to bounce out. And second, the ball bounces out.

My solution has two pieces. First, a special shock-absorbing rubber glued to the back of the scoop. And second, a thin, hard stainless steel cover that surrounds the hole. It can be used with an existing protector. I am planning two versions - for small and large wear.

Here's a picture of the prototype, cut in PETG. You can see the rubber pad on the scoop. The pad absolutely deadens the fall of the ball into the scoop, and the machine even plays well with the Merlin gate missing.

My machine has large wear, so this is the large version.

Installation takes about 20 minutes and can be done without removing the ramp.