Pinbits Corvette Plastic Protectors

This set of five protectors guards against ball damage for the most vulnerable plastics in the game. They are made from PETG, and won't break in a game.

The left slingshot. Nothing special to do here. The right slingshot. You will need the top nut to be loose to install the right target protector.
The left target bank protector. Put the hex screws through the protector and the plastic, making sure it is all aligned before you tighten it down. The right target protector is the most difficult one to install. You must remove the racetrack. Do not remove the screws at the top of the track. They have a loose nut plate inside the box, which is hard to put back once it falls out. Instead, remove the screws that hold the plate to the backboard.
The left engine plastic. To install this part, you will need to remove the engine cover, two pairs of screws front and back. The engine cover clips into guides.