Pinbot Plastic Guards

We made these to help reduce risk of ball breakage for both the new reproduction plastics, and the originals. Thanks to Cliffy and Kevin for the help with these.The parts are PETG.


Here's the left edge. We covered the slingshot edge, and also the slingshot tips where rebound balls could cause trouble. And the right slingshot, same deal. The two slingshots are very different in dimensions, although the shapes are broadly similar.
Here's the lane that feeds a monster plastic. Our original design had the same footprint as the plastic, but we decided that it was too hard to install, and unnecessary. Instead, we made a short guard for  the left hand side, and a washer for the right. This approach is much easier to install. For the visor, we made bullnose edges for all three screws. This looks good with both the repros and the originals. We slotted the rear screw, so you can work it in without disassembling the visor.
The right flasher. We found that the original plastic interferes with the ball gate, and either breaks or has to be removed. We copied he outline, but have provided a guide line in the guard to cut it right off. You'll probably want to do this to the repro plastics. The left target bank. We only covered the bottom half of this plastic (the repro set ships it as two parts).
Finally, the right target bank. You'll need to remove the Bride plastic  to do this. We only come to the top of the pop bumper area to avoid raising the Bride plastic We also include a couple of PETG washers. Put these on top of broken plastics to sandwich them in place.