Roadshow/Funhouse Eyelid Plunger Kit

The replacement plastics kit includes three parts, two plunger components and a Delrin alignment/coil stop washer. The parts are machined or cut from Delrin, which will not degrade like the molded nylon pieces. The washer is important: without it, your plastic eyelids take the place of the coil stop, and will break.

Repairing the Vertical Plunger
The vertical plunger has a steel plunger with a brass centering rod, and uses the flat plastic part from the kit. Here’s a picture, with the spring.

                                 Roll Pin

To install the plastic, you will need to PARTLY drive out the roll pin with a pin punch and a small hammer. The roll pin is 3/32”, but a 1/16 punch will work. The reason not to drive it out all the way is because it is tricky to re-insert, and very easy to lose if you drop it. Once the old plastic is out of the way, adjust the position of the roll pin so that there is enough of an edge to catch the hole in the plunger. Insert the plastic, hook it over the edge of the pin, and drive the pin home with a hammer.

Repairing the Horizontal Plunger
The horizontal plunger has a pre-drilled hole, but it may not be in the right place for your particular metal. You can either drill a new hole, or use the existing hole and, if there is a gap, pad it with a #10 washer.


Drive out the roll pin, all the way this time, with a 1/16 punch. Don’t lose the pin!

Insert the new plunger, and align the hole in the plastic with the hole in the metal. If the alignment works for you, insert the pin. If there is a gap between the plastic and the metal you will need to drill a new hole in the plunger shaft. Use a 1/16 drill bit. Insert the plastic into the metal, and use the hole in the metal as a guide to mark the location of the hole in the plastic.  It is best to drill the hole with the plastic outside of the metal part. Otherwise, you may end up with a misaligned hole. If you have trouble drilling the hole, you can pad the gap with a #10 washer.