Ramp Flap Sets

This area is under development. Pricing is not final. If you have found this page, then I may be able to support small orders.

Reproduction ramp flaps made from spring hard stainless steel. These flaps will not rust, and won't crack like blued spring steel. When replacing ramps, I recommend a piece of mylar under the flap to protect the playfield from wear.


Each set includes all rivets and rivet clips that will enable you to install them without a rivet press. These clips install with a light tap from a hammer. Plastic breaks and metal bends before these things let go.

Stainless Steel

Twilight Zone - four pieces    $28
Creature from the Black Lagoon - two pieces
(extended .050" to cover wear)
Medieval Madness - two pieces $18
Medieval Madness - castle pathway metal $12
Funhouse - three pieces $24
Cirqus Voltaire - 1 piece $12
Monster Bash - Frankenstein target bank flap $8


Blued Spring Steel
Very limited quantities of these available.

Monster Bash - Frankenstein target bank flap $6
WPC flipper springs $4


Funhouse protector set 30
Funhouse clear plastic set 30
AFM clear plastic set 25
MM clear plastics set (incl. rivets, AR ramp triangles)

VERY large set!

Creature heavy clear set 15