Rebuilding the Monster Bash Dracula Gearbox

If your MB Dracula gearbox is old, your Dracula will move like he has terrible arthritis. As in sloooow. The grease has turned to something that would be better as a glue. Cleaning it up and relubricating it will rejuvenate your Drac. If you can get the gearbox out of the machine (4 screws and TWO hex head setscrews) you can do this.

These photos are in a rough sequence - disassembly; test asembly; final assembly with grease. The original grease ends up like a thick varnish and really jams up the gearbox. naptha, a stiff brush, elbow grease and total disassembly are the only way to go.

Points of note:

There are two spacer washers on each side of the shaft. One of the four is brass.
The main shaft and the smallest gear have spacer rings. The smaller one will try to escape by looking like part of a gear and then making a run for it when you are not paying attention.
Clean out the pivot holes in the gearbox cover with a piece of bamboo

I used synthetic grease with Teflon (Syncolube). I think that it would probably run even better with a lightweight machine oil. But I trust the grease to stay inside the gearbox without leaking.

Assembly removed from the machine. Two screws hold it together.

When the screws are out, crack the case with a screwdriver. The old grease glues it shut.

The top cover is off. Filthy

Really filthy! The original Bally grease gels into something like old varnish.

The top cover took two washers with it. They look like one.

until separated...

The old grease has to be scraped.

No kidding, it's like glue.

Gears come out in sequence.

This one has a spacer on it that comes loose when you clean it. DO NOT let it escape.

Out comes the main shaft - also has a spacer.

The last gear.

Two motor screws.

The motor is as dirty as the rest.

Two washers on the bottom, the top one is brass.

All the dirty parts in order of removal, bottom left to top right.

Scrape as much crud off as you can. Then, paper towel and a naptha rub. Finally, a naptha bath and a toothbrush. Don't forget to get the stuff between the teeth!

All the parts, now clean.

A bamboo stick cleans out the motor pivots. Note the grease in the reservoir.

Motor goes back in. M2.5 screws, so DON'T LOSE THEM!!!

Synthetic grease with Teflon. The spacer washers are waiting for their call.

First gear.

Second gear. This one has a tiny spacer. The washers watch patiently to see if I get the order right.

That's the little spacer going on. It will fall off when you clean that gear, or sooner.

First washer goes in

Brass washer goes on top. Got this right!

As if by magic, they look like one. We call this "dog magic" because to a dog it looks like the black one has disappeared.

The main shaft.

And the spacer for it.

Last gear.

More grease.

Grease for the pivots.

Ready for final assembly.


Put the screws back in, we are done.

A box left over for a dog story... we bought them a Nerf gun for Christmas. looks like Judge Dredd's gun, fires six shots. We play games like "quick draw" and "hide and seek"  with them. They always lose.