Remote Battery Holder

I had someone express interest in a remote battery holder design. It isn't something that I would need myself, but I see how someone who did not want to solder or otherwise modify their machine might want such a device. I wanted to build something a bit cleaner than existing versions. So here's my first effort.

It will work with any battery holder configuration. It is also easy to adapt it to include a blocking diode. I am pretty sure that I will have a disconnect in there.


Currently, on hold while I figure out how to keep the brass looking  nice, and worry about aluminum to nickel contacts.

Here's the set pf parts. In this case, there are two aluminum dummy batteries, and a brass and Delrin contact dummy. The two aluminum cylinders close the electrical circuit, and the contact dummy provides the connections to the remote. In practice, I'll use the right size crimp connectors. I may install a disconnect.
Here's the contact dummy. In practice, the two connections need to be in the middle of the battery location to avoid springs. The part is held together with 1/4-20 threads, plenty strong enough.
And the setup showing how the pieces fit together. As you can see, the contacts need to come out of the middle. The ribbon on the battery holder makes it easy to get the batteries out.