TSPP Hole Protector

Cliffy and I are going places with digital scans and CAD tools. Here's a TSPP protector system. We have two versions - a hybrid stainless steel and PETG system that does not cover the artwork, and a full stainless steel cover that leaves nothing to chance. The metal is very thin, and does not interfere with operation. Bear in mind that the drop targets and plastics conceal some of the area.

What is really exciting is the work that we can start to do on drop targets.



This style has a clear protector, and a target slot protector with a lip. Installation requires removing the target bank, or cutting of the tabs.
This version has a lipless target slot protector that sits level with the very edge of the hole.
Finally, a complete stainless cover for the whole area. The metal goes right to the edge of the wood.