Twilight Zone Clock Plates


I decided to try a couple of alternatives for the faceplate for a transparent blue clock housing. The faceplate that you see here is cut from fluorescent blue acrylic, and is a very close color match to the clock housing. It has an image of the clock lines and numbers etched into the surface.

1) I think that a plain fluorescent blue faceplate will look good. The tint does not overpower the clock colors. However, it will need custom spacers to keep the front of the clock flush.

2) Faceplate etchings are not going to work out.

3) I could try a custom decal plate with the etchings. In this case, we would want a clear faceplate to avoid overpowering the decal colors, but the shadow etching might look good.

4) We have the decal plate kit with clear lens on Pinbits (the original decal plate is apparently unavailable). This kit will require a slight modification to work with the thicker fluorescent acrylic.

Here's a flash picture. The blue tint does not detract from the decal. You can see how the edge of the faceplate protrudes past the edge of the clock. Natural machine light. Here you can see how separation and parallax make the front etchings confusing.
This picture was taken with natural machine light and UV on the faceplate. You can clearly see the etchings, but the UV is a bit too overpowering.