Funhouse Plunger Plastics




  Here is the complete set of replacement plastics for the Funhouse and Roadshow eyelid plungers.

Instructions for installation

  Here are some of the parts that make up the vertical eyelid plunger mechanism. The yellow piece is an original plunger part, and has broken across the roll pin hole.  The black pieces are replacements for the white piece, cut from Delrin. Delrin is tougher, stronger and more stable than the molded Nylon used in the originals. The sharp angles around the roll pin hole have been filleted, which will reduce stresses. In the original design, the part broke at these corners. T

On the brass "tail" of the plunger, you can see a replacement guide washer - also made from Delrin. This part keeps the vertical plunger aligned. It also acts as a coil stop, so eventually the flange breaks off and renders the part useless.


  Here are the original (broken) part, and both sides of the replacement part.
  And a closeup of the new part.
  Flange Washers

This washer sits at the bottom of the vertical plunger. It keeps the mechanism aligned. It also acts as the coil stop. In the originals, the flange breaks off and the washer falls out. Then, the eyelids and the vertical plunger take the full force of the solenoid. This replacement part is machined from Delrin. It has a flange on both sides, which strengthens the part.


The Whole Set

Here's a picture of the new parts in various arrangements.

  Rudy Rebuilt

With all black Delrin parts. Note the alignment washer at the bottom. On this machine, the coil bracket is slightly bent. The design is quite tolerant if misalignments.

  Here's the original, eyes wide, showing how the parts cope with misalignment.